About Me

You deserve to dream! I invite you to dream with me!
A moment after the proposal, you start planning – deciding on the guest list, finding a venue, photographer, DJ, and the list is long.
I invite you to stop for a moment and dream together, because you deserve it!
Welcome to the dream world of Tati, one which aspires to embroider your special moment on white fabric.
As a child I already aspired to embroider dreams.
When all the girls went to the playground, I was looking for fabrics and spinning dresses.
When all the kids played hide and seek, I was fascinated by showcases, looking for inspiration. 
When I graduated from Bezalel Academy, I started working to fulfil my dream and established “Tati.”
It wasn’t an easy journey, but hard work and effort were the way to succeed. 
“Tati” was made for one particular purpose – for that “wow” moment, when the song you picked is playing and you walk down the aisle in front of the excited guests. 
The inspiration for my dresses were drawn from the history of art, combining beloved historical fashion periods such as the Rococo, the Classical period and modern art. From Mary Antoinette with her majestic dresses to Marylin Monroe and her sexy, unapologetic style.
My dresses combine classic style with modern elegancy to create the most special effect.
Couture dresses that are sewn in the finest way, in meticulous sewing techniques, following the most flattering cuts created especially for your measures. 
My studio is the embodiment of my dreams, and it is the place for you to dream big.
I am here to spread fairy dust and make you feel like the princess that you are.
I’m here to accompany you in the process, in every measure and decision and to be excited with you.
Let’s dream together!